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This documentary project is not only producing moving images for you to investigate and enjoy, but we also have plenty of still images with captions and pertinent information for you to explore.  We've separated sets of pictures into related galleries below.  As we interview each subject and find out about people that we plan on interviewing, we'll post pictures here.  This will also be an archive for many images from University City's past and present.  We'll also post stills from past of the University City schools and events that were held there.  And finally, when we have events to support this research and project, we'll make galleries that show pictures as well.  So, like most of the rest of this entire site, this is a living, breathing document.

The total number of pictures currently in the galleries is to the right of the gallery title.  As the project continues to grow, we will be taking and uploading even more still images.  So checking back here frequently for new galleries and pictures will give you new insights into the project.