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Sounding The Chord Still Images > UC in NYC Before DC Event Pictures

These are pictures from an event organized in Brooklyn, New York by director Rod Milam on January 18, 2009 (two days before the inauguration of Barack Obama). The goal was to attempt the largest gathering of U. City people outside of the St. Louis area ever while having some great U. City musicians play for the group. The event was held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Huckleberry Bar, owned by U. Citian Stephanie Schneider. More than 25 U. City people (in addition to some of their significant others) showed up on a very cold and snowy night. UCHS graduates from classes ranging from 1979 to 2002 came out from 6 different states (as far away as Virginia and Vermont). Many had never met each other before, but a great time was had. The success of this event was a key inspiration to start this documentary project only 2 years later. Here is a link to a video that was made to promote the event: http://www.milamnyc.com/ucdoc/2011/1/24/welcome-to-the-u-city-musicians-documentary-blog.html