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Interview Subjects

One of the main goals of this project is to try to find each and every person that fits the profile of 1) having lived in University City for at least a year, 2) having attended the University City Public Schools for at least a year, and 3) having been a paid, professional musician or music professional for at least a year of their lives.  Having our Facebook page and subsequent followers has been an invaluable tool for us to use to reach this goal.  Making this process open in this way on Facebook (and Twitter) has lead to many people either assuming that we knew about certain people or telling us about people that we already had information on.  That lead to us seeking a way to let everyone interested in the project know where we stood with possible subjects.  That's where the idea for this page came from.

This is an up-to-date listing of all of the people that we have either already done full, on-camera interviews with for the project or that we know about and plan on doing an interview with. If you know of anyone else that is not listed that fits the criteria for being interviewed as part of Sounding The Chord, please click here to contact us. Also, if you have any contact information for anyone in the "Known But No Contact Info" column, contact us as well.

If you click on the names in red, you'll then be taken to the picture gallery and see the person either while they were being interviewed by us or a picture of them (maybe a headshot) in a different situation.

Eventually, we will not just be interviewing musicians or music professionals with U. City roots.  In order for the eventual film to be journalistically sound, we'll need to have other subjects from related areas.  When that effort begins, we'll then selectively list those individuals here as well.

Contacted & Interviewed

Contacted But Not Interviewed

Known But Not Contacted

Known But No Contact Info

Alan Oxenhandler

Amy Wilson (Grace)

Andrew Conway

Billy (Webber) Savage

Casey Geisz

Christopher Edmonds

Christopher Thomas

Christopher Watkins

Darwin Harris

David Berger

David Friedman

David Greiman

David Harris

Diane Davenport

Denise Du'Maine

Don Wolff

Eric Fletcher

Eve Seltzer

Gloria Attoun

Harry Miller

JD Pinckney

James Greene

James Douglas Aubrey Smith

Jenny Boyce

Jerry Breiner

John Brophy

Kaoru Watanabe

Larry Krone

Leonard Roberts

Les Burnside

Linda Presgrave

Marissa Wilner Mandell

Marlon West

Mary Riles

Michael Bauermeister

Pat Hennessy

Peter Martin

Rob Gallagher

Roger Warner

Rosalie (Will) Boxt

Ronnie Burrage

Sandy Weltman

Sara Sant'Ambrogio

Sarah Lucas

Steve Hoover

Steve Schankman

Steve Singer

Todd Wiliams

Tom Seltzer

Trish Patterson

Wayne duMaine

Wiley Price

Aloha Micheaux

Amy Talonn (Whitesell)

Avi Bortnick

Beverly Moore

Billy Lawrence

Butch Lloyd

Bwayne Smotherson

Carl Glad

Carl Banner

Carl Weingarten

Chavo Killingsworth

Chaz Brew

Danny duMaine

David Sussman

Derek Blake

Ed Wolf

Eric Delante

Eric Shumake

Fiona Phillips

Frederick Hogsett Jr.

Gail Kruvand

George Wright

Guy Hernandez

Harriet Harris

Hiram Martin

Iris Schankman Schwartz

Jason Levine

Jeff Abram

Jeff Anderson

Jeff Davis

Jennifer Courtney

Jeremy Davenport

Jeremy Schonfeld

Jody Carter

Joel Herskowitz

John Bolduan

John Kuzmich

Jon-Carlos Evans

Julie Lehrman

Justin Schultz

Keith Hyman

Keith Moore

Ken Anderson

Kevin Batchelor

Kim Portnoy

Larissa (Doczy) Rook

Larry Morris

Leslie Stricker Hunter

Linda (Moss) Khadavi

Linda (Seiferth) Gurney

Lisa Nicole Wilkerson

Marty Ehrlich

Mary Broussard

Matt Bollinger

Matt Davis

Michael "Spike" Wilner

Mike Bearman

Mike Silverman

Nancy Kranzberg

Nicki McKlusky

Neil Caine

Pamela (Rosenthal) Carr

Patrick Harting

Paul Matulef

Phillip Sykes

Richard Schwartz

Richard Thomas

Rob Silverman

Rollyn Moore

Ron Buhlinger

Rosalind Boyd-Moore

Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio

Simon Chervitz

Steve Ferzacca

Tansie Mayer III

Terrye Seigel

William Hopson


Barry Levin

Bob Abrams

Brennan Sweet

Carlton Anderson

Chris Shumake

Cornell Haynes (Nelly)

Craig Florez

Darris Hoskins

Everet Moore

Harriet Harris

Henry Claude

James Greeson

Jill Hennessy

Matt Hennessy

Melissa Fathman

Nancy Darigo

Nile Wartts

Norman Merritt

Russell Moore

Ted Brookins

Vince Corkery

Vincent Danner

Vinton Anderson

Wendy Sutton Sporleder


Al Hammerman

Alan Suits

Albert Marshall

Alex Magrath

Andy Hawkins

Bee Laupp

Brian Tate

Carol (Reiman) Chesler

Carol Leven

Caroll Kappus

Casey Adams

Charlie Pfeffer

Christine (Schiller) Fleming

Chuck (Wharton) Alison

Clayton Mathews

Dan Chopin

Dan O'Neil

Dan Presgrave

Edgar Hinton

Evan Hirsch

Gabriel Katz

Gary "DeDe" James

Gerald DeClue Jr.*

Greg Sporleder

Jay Barry

Jeff Mak

Joey Ferber

John (Harford) Hartford*

John Casmier

Joy Wade

Larry Weisberg

Lew Gatewood

Lori Hyman Diefenbacher

Lucious Spiller

Luther Thomas*

Marissa Hudson

Miriam Steinberg

Orlando Watson

Paul Indelicato

Paul Piccione

Percy Travis

Pete Dellas

Randy Shore

Richard Byron

Robin Hendry

Robin Lynch

Ruth Saunders (Natasha Rubenstein)*

Sam Katz

Stan Ford

Stephen Winter

Steve Storozum

Thomas Mansbacher

Zach Morrow