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Sounding The Chord Podcast

A major component to this phase of the documentary project is the presentation of parts of the interviews that we conduct and the music of the musicians that we are seeking. This is all to show the talent and insight that all of the subjects can bring to the research and investigation of how the roots of arts and music in Univeristy City have remained so firmly planted.

The podcasts aren't fully up and running yet. But the best way to find out when you can get a bit of the documentary project in your ear is to sign up for the mailing list by clicking the giant red button below:


#2 Discussing Sounding The Chord On St. Louis Public Radio

This 2nd podcast is a posting of an interview that director Rod Milam gave on the Cityscape program on St. Louis Public Radio, 90.7 KWMU (the big NPR affiliate station in town). The interview took place on Friday, September 23, 2011 when Rod was back in the St. Louis area to work on interviews with subjects for the project.

Also being interviewed by program host Steve Potter were Mike and Rob Silverman (both U. City High graduates) who created the University City Jazz Festival. The very first U. City Jazz Festival was being held the next day in Heman Park. It was a great success with more than 2000 people enjoying the great music and perfect weather.

During Rod's time back in St. Louis on this trip he conducted 3 interviews on camera with 4 different subjects (Wiley Price, Gloria Attoun, Michael Bauermeister, and Sandy Weltman) and got a total of 22 different U. City musicians and educators on camera for the project that he didn't have before. The trip was highly successful (while tiring).

STC 2nd Podcast


#1 The First Test Sounding The Chord Podcast

Well, this has been a long time coming. Here is a presentation of audio material from the months of recording, traveling, scrambling, and succeeding. The following is just a sample of some interviews and recordings that we've made as part of this project. You'll hear quite a few voices, but no introduction except my own. So here's a rundown of the voices you hear in order, but most of the interviews won't fit into any other context except that the interviewees are from U. City and participated in the band programs.

Cara Reedy - Intro

Christie Mitchell - Sponsor

Rod Milam - Welcome

Ed Wolf (from Bolivia) - On full artistic experience at U. City

Leslie Stricker Hunter - On a fun/crazy memory on stage playing in the high school

AA Flight Attendant - Upon landing in Seattle, where the recording began in February of 2011

Mary Riles - First interviewee about her start on cello

Mary Riles - In concert in Seattle

Please write us back to let us know if it was easy to subscribe to the podcast, easy to download, and easy to hear. Also PLEASE let us know if you had any issues and what sort of device you were listening to this short podcast on. It'll help so much before we really roll out the big program, OK? Thanks!

Rod Milam