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Documentary Related Videos

This is a nice and pretty gathering spot for all of the videos that have been produced and used in this documentary project.  Many of these videos originally debuted as part of an artilce or blog entry.  When this is the case, we will include a link back to the original post where the video appeared so that you can read and understand the context of the video in the larger scheme of the project.  Other videos may have been used as promotions for documentary related events or were contributed to the project by people or organizations that have donated them to this effort.  Either way, this is a good way for you to find all of the video content that we've put on the site.  When you have a slow day at home (or work), just sit back, click play, and enjoy!

Peter Martin Music: LIVE! Concert With 3 U. Citians

April 2, 2010


UCHS Jazz Band 1 Playing In Paris, France

June 1984


Footage from the UCHS Spring Musical "The Wiz"

Spring 1985

This is video from one of the sold out performances of the musical "The Wiz". This is from the entrance of The Tin Man, played by Randal Carter, and the song "Ease On Down The Road". The recording was provided by UCHS graduate Darold Harris.

Promotional Video for the "UC in NYC before DC" Party

January 18, 2009

This video was made to invite all people from U. City to show up to a big party at Huckleberry Bar in Brooklyn, New York, a place part owned by U. Citian Stephanie Schneider (UCHS c/o 1988)

The Making of the "Sounding The Chord" Logo

March 2011



Test video and graphics from 1st location shoot, Seattle, Washington

February 2011


2 Hours of great music by a variety of musicians from U. City

Produced November 2010