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This is the place to come to find out about all of the great events that we plan on having surrounding the project. We hope to have U. City get-togethers all over the US (and possibly the world) so that the project is supported and so that people throughout the U. City Diaspora can reconnect with some of their bretheren.

UC IN BK 2012 (or "A Great Day In Brooklyn")

Photo Shoot Location: Warren Street, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York

Date: Summer/Fall 2012 (TBD)

Time: TBD

Participants: U. City Musicians, U. City Artists, and Former Residents All Currently In The New York City Area

 One of the original plans for the Sounding The Chord section of this project was to eventually go back to some of the cities where U. City musicians have been found in clusters and get a group photo of all of them in a location that represents the particular city.  That plan still lives.  Since the director, Rod Milam, lives in New York City and that there have been so many U. City musicians found that are also based in the New York City area, Rod has decided to borrow an idea from a famous picture of musicians (and subsequent documentary) and give it a U. City twist for the first group photo.

The well known 1958 photo by Art Kane "Jazz Portrait" is a shot of 57 of the greatest, global jazz legends taken in front of a brownstone home in Harlem for a special edition of Esquire Magazine.  The Academy Award Nominated documentary "A Great Day In Harlem" was made in 1995 about the era, the people in that picture, and the day of the actual shoot. Rod saw this documentary in 1995 and immediately bought the poster.  And after more than a year of videoing and photographing more than 75 U. City musicians, the concept of doing a series of group photos merged with the brilliant documentary and picture of Art Kane's first professional shoot.  But he wants to kick it up a notch and give it an even closer meaning for the people of the St. Louis region and the project itself.

For more info on the plans, you can click here:






6:30pm - 11:30pm (or so)



This will be the first major fundraising event for Sounding The Chord. We are going to hold the very first in person fundraiser/U. City Diaspora Party for The University City Musician Documentary Project: Sounding The Chord. We'll return to the same place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York that 30 U. Citians went to in January 2009 and had a great time listening to U. City musians in a place owned by U. Citian Stephanie Schneider (UCHS c/o 1988)...Huckleberry Bar. (http://www.huckleberrybar.com/)

We want as many people interested in this project as possible to come to New York City to be together with a bunch of the talent that we've interviewed for the project and to just enjoy the company of people from "UC Upon River Des Peres".

We're hoping for another great jam session, auction items, drink specials, and just a good time for the night, all while we support the future of this documentary project.

Here's what it looks like for the lineup of musicians for the evening (Subject To Change):

Ronnie Burrage (Drums)
Harry Miller (Keyboard)
David Berger (Drums)
Wayne duMaine (Trumpet)
Jeremy Schonfeld (Keyboard/Vocals)
Kaoru Watanabe (Flute)
Eve Seltzer (Vocals)
Piruz Partow (Bass)
If you're at all near NYC (Boston, Philly, DC, PA) please come on out. You will have a ball!!!

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UC In NYC Before DC Promotional Video

Event was held January 18, 2009 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York @ Huckleberry Bar (owned by U. Citian Stephanie Schneider c/o 1988)

Click here to see pictures from the event

Click the Play button below to watch the video