Welcome 2011 AMAC Airport Business Diversity Conference Attendees


(Offer Ends July 31, 2011)

Thank you for coming to the website for MilamNYC Productions LLC. We're the multimedia production company that videoed many of the activities, forums, and ceremonies during this year's AMAC annual conference.  As this set of clips below shows you, we were all around the conference and the Dallas/Fort Worth area during your visit.

MilamNYC Productions will be editing the HD video footage shot and producing a couple of videos with voiceovers for AMAC that they will then be using for their own website and in DVD format to take around to additional conferences that AMAC will attend in the future.  Making videos for company websites, training courses, external players (like YouTube and Vimeo), DVD, and other marketing outlets is what MilamNYC Productions does.  We're based in New York City, but as you can tell, we operate anywhere.

We invite you to see some of the range of videos that we have produced: CLICK HERE TO VIEW RECENT PRODUCTIONS

We work with large corporate clients, small/medium businesses, and musicians/actors/artists to bring their training, company, and artistic visions to their audience on the internet or via DVD.

As a special, one-time offer, we are extending a 15% discount to any conference attendee on any first time contract for video or audio production services.  This savings is quite large given our cost-effective, individual pricing that we already offer and we hope that anyone that was in attendance and saw us working will take advantage of it for their business needs.

We offer a free consultation for potential productions since each client's needs are individual and different.  We know that everyone is budget conscious, but they also want high level professional services.  To meet this goal we tailor the services we provide to maximize the effectiveness of the product.

To contact us, just click here and let us know how to get in touch with you and what sort of project you would like to have made.  We'll get back to you promptly and then schedule a telephone call to discuss your needs further.

It was great to meet many of you this June in Texas, and we hope to see you again as a client in the future and probably at other AMAC functions as well.  Thanks for visiting our site.  Just let us know if you have any questions at all by contacting us.

You can also take a look at the documentary project that we are producing here: http://www.milamnyc.com/ucdoc