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MilamNYC Productions is proud to be working with New York City based singer/songwriter/composer/lyricist Jeremy Schonfeld on one of his current projects, Iron & Coal. This rock theatrical song cycle is a semi-autobiographical work that will take you on an intimate musical journey through the Holocaust's lingering emotional wounds on an imaginary survivor and his son.

Jeremy's own family background was the key reason that he has created this fictional song cycle.  His father, Dr. Gustav Schonfeld, is a Holocaust survivor and lives in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. We invite you to watch this video below that we produced to have Jeremy and his father talk about this musical tale that's been created based on their lives and the story of the coming album:

To get even more information about Iron & Coal and the creation and evolution of the work, as well as information about all of Jeremy's other albums and Broadway productions, please visit his site:

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