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Well,, you have to start somewhere and there are just too many other people to put into one project at this time.  As far as we know (at the time of this note) there are almost 200 musicians to try to interview right...and that is a HUGE project.  Trying to do anyything with all of the other people in other forms of art would make this giant project totally unwieldy.  BUT, if this one goes well, we'd be happy to explore other area of the arts for U. City.

Also, if someone is inspirted to start their own project that focuses on the other forms of artists from U. City after seeing this work, we'd be more than happy to cheer them on and even help with contacts if we can.  the arts tend to inspire thought and ideas, so he hope that this work will spark something in the minds of anyone that sees it.

Last updated on May 6, 2012 by MilamNYC Productions