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In the Sounding The Chord portioin of this project, we are looking primarily for people that fit 3 criteria:

1) Someone that has lived in U. City for at least 1 year of their lives

2) Someone that has gone to the U. City public schools for at least 1 year of their lives

3) Someone that has been a paid, professional musician for at least 1 year of their lives

OR 1) Is/Was a music instructor in the U. City school district

There is also one exception for the paid, professional musician part.  We are also trying to talk to all of the people that were part of the U. City High School Jazz Band 1 that went on a tour of Paris and played in the Montreaux Jazz Festival. Most of those people didn't go on to be pros, but they left a huge mark on the city and were a major reason that this project got started in the first place.

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